I was interviewed by Byron Murray for "To Know The Land",
a University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) radio programme,
on 18th March 2019
Listen here
Birches - Anna Lewington - Reaktion Books
You can hear me being interviewed (November 2018) by Paul Kirtley, specialist in wilderness bushcraft and survival skills here

In February 2017 I travelled to India with producer David Morley of Perfectly Normal Productions, to record two programmes for the BBC's World Service about fig trees sacred to India's Buddhists and Hindus for broadcast in August 2017. They are currently available to hear by clicking the images below.
"The Tree Spirits"
Episode 1
The Bhodi Tree
Believed to be descended from the tree under
which the Bhudda gained enlightenment
"The Tree Spirits"
Episode 2
Thimmamma Marrimanu
This tree, said to be the largest in the world,
stands near Kadiri in Andra Pradesh

BBC Radio 5 ‘Plants For People’
BBC Radio 4 Natural History Programme - Ancient Trees (with Edward Parker)  
Womans' Hour - ‘On the Yacu Pato to Iquitos’ (overland travel from Guyana to Peru)
BBC World Service  Rio Mazan Expedition - Ethnobotany (Latin American Service
  Peña Latinoamericana (traditional Andean musical instruments



In 1999 I was invited to take part - as ethnobotanist - in the first four programmes of the TV series 'Rough Science'. Presented by Kate Humble, the series challenged 5 scientists - each from a different discipline - who had been 'castaway' on the Italian island of Capraia, to fulfil a series of tasks, using only their ingenuity, a few tools, and the natural resources found on this Mediterranean island.

My challenges included making an insect repellent, an antiseptic, toothpaste, dyes for a home-made flag and a hair-loss treatment from ingredients extracted from plants I found growing on the island.

The series was shown on BBC2 during the Summer of 2000, ‘Rough Science’ was the result of a collaboration between the BBC and The Open University.