I’ve spent many years researching and writing about the uses people make of plants
and what plants mean to the people who use them.

There is a summary of my work and some of the projects I’ve been involved in here

Oak © Aaron Parker

Oak - Quercus robur (Pendunculate/English oak) Quercus petraea (Sessile oak);  Photo: © Aaron Parker

Magnificent in every way, the oak, this king of native British trees has played a fundamental role in shaping much-loved landscapes and our enduring perception of the countryside. Supporting a huge web of life, most notably as host to hundreds of insect and other invertebrate species, provider of food (acorns) for people and domestic animals too, source of timber for construction, wood for fuel and bark for tanning and dyes, provider of shelter and shade, symbol of steadfast character, longevity and strength, it's not surprising that the oak was sacred to our forebears.
Now threatened by new pathogens whose spread is one more terrifying consequence of climate breakdown and unregulated global trade the oak must now tap into new reserves of strength to weather the coming storms.

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