The Plant People - Anna Lewington, 2022
This is an adventure story for children. Set in the grounds of London's famous Kew Gardens and using some of the trees and plants that are growing there today as characters, it aims to show children in a novel and amusing way the origin of some of the everyday things they'll be familiar with. Buy from this website

The Plant People - Anna Lewington

Birch - Reaktion Books, London, 2018
Widely popular as amenity and garden trees, admired for the beauty of their foliage and for their tactile bark, wild birches are pioneers, transforming barren landscapes and providing food or habitat for many other forms of life. This richly illustrated book presents a fascinating overview of their cultural and ecological significance and looks too at what the future may hold for them.

Birch - Anna Lewington


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Rainforest Amerindians - Wayland, 1992

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