The Plant People - Anna Lewington

The Plant People

The Plant People is an adventure story for children.

Set in the grounds of London's famous Kew Gardens and using some of the trees and plants that are growing there today as characters, it aims to show children in a novel and amusing way the origin of some of the everyday things they'll be familiar with.

Falling asleep beneath the handkerchief tree on a hot Summer's day, Tommy meets some lively characters that show him what the raw materials they really do produce in real life make - from pencils and balloons to the many different kinds of bread and Tommy's favourite chocolate cake that cereal grains from grasses cultivated round the world provide.

The story has been brought to life by award-winning illustrator Eddie Black. Some of the illustrations in this 30 page paper-back book have been left un-coloured so that children can add their own colours to the scenes.

The book is available to buy at Kew Gardens. Or buy from me.

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